Going, going . . .

Sunday was Aly's meeting-not-to-be-called-a-farewell.  She shared with us all the reasons that she has decided to go on a mission:
     feelings that she's been prepared to serve a mission her entire life,
          President Stevenson's talk of the gospel needing to be preached
          in every nation,
               wanting to "[make] a difference for [even] one"  (starfish story),
                    desiring the pure joy that comes from sharing the gospel
                    & bringing happiness to others,
                         hoping to touch others' lives for good as her friends and
                         family have hers,
                              and being committed to work "for the glory of our
                              Lord."  (GBH, CR 4/95)

Aly's biggest fans

The infamous apartments #61 & #81
The old gang

Rough Riders & beyond!

Traveling charms???

Such a blessing: friends & family!

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  1. someone is missing from the traveling charms and the old gang pictures! :(