Flight Itinerary & First letter from the Philippines

                             Leaving: Salt Lake at 8:03 PM (11/28)
                             Arriving: LA, Cali at 9:10 PM (11/28)
                             Leaving: LA, Cali at 12:05 AM (11/29)
                             Arriving: Hong Kong at 7:40 AM (11/30)
                             Leaving: Hong Kong at 2:35 PM (11/30)
                             Arriving: MANILA!! at 4:35 PM (11/30)

Sister Stucki, Sister Culango, Sister Stromberg & President Stucki
     So yes, I did arrive here safe and was picked up from the Manila airport by my mission president and his wife and the APs.  Sister Stucki's brother is Superintendent Norton!  That's kind of crazy, huh?  She lived her whole life in Preston too, so she's familiar with Cache Valley. 
     On my flight from Hong Kong I had a neat opportunity to teach a Filipino about our church and give him a Tagalog Book of Mormon!  He spoke English, but when he heard I was learning Tagalog, he made me teach him in Tagalog.  He was a really nice man and was coming home to the Philippines for a two month vacation.  He works on a cruise ship normally.  He said while he was on vacation he would read the Book of Mormon.  It was really neat. :) 
     Time's about up, but don't worry I'm here safe and well taken care of!

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