All of a sudden I became the "house mouse!"

     Yes, transfer day came and went pretty fast.  I can't believe how fast this last transfer went.  To answer your question about transfers, I just kind of had a feeling that after the 12-week training program, Sister Culango would be transferred because she had been here in Carmona for six months.  And . . . I was right. :)  She got transferred to Manila and now is a city girl, while I stayed here in Carmona and received a new companion, Sister Ronquillo.  She's Filipina all the way from Quezon City. haha Her first area, Pasay, she said she was 30 minutes away from her house.  But she's a sweetheart and really nice, and I'm excited to get to know her more.  She's been here for eight months, and this is her third area.
 Sister Stromberg & Sister Ronquillo
     As much as I'm excited about having a new companion, I'm not going to lie; it was REALLY hard to say goodbye to Sister Culango.  Let's just say that there were tears shed. We became super close, like best friends here in the mission, and everyone could see that.  There were many missionaries that would comment how close we were, even President Stucki.  I was super lucky to have her as my trainer, and we will definitely keep in touch the rest of my life. :) 
Sister Culango and her greenie
     But putting that aside, I'm lucky to have a new companion, Sister Ronquillo, and it will be a great transfer with her. After transfer day I felt like all of a sudden I wasn't a new missionary, and all these responsibilities were put on me.  I became the "house mouse," meaning I'm the one that's been here in Carmona the longest (Sister Abanggan got transferred also) so I have to take care of all the bills and the house and just everything.  Then I had to lead the area, plan every day what we would do and what we would teach, and do just about everything for the first little while until Sister Ronquillo becomes familiar with everything here in Carmona.  So I've definitely been stretched this last week, but it's been good for me.  I certainly had the help of the Lord.  The sister that replaced Sister Abanggan is Sister Pacino from Bacolod.  Also I got a new Zone Leader Elder Bueno, and Elder Olongayo left, which he was a lot of fun and I'll miss him.  So yeah there were a lot of changes this transfer with companions.
  Carmona RS President deOcampo
feeding Sister Culango & Sister Stromberg pandisal! :)
     Then as far as our work this week one thing that was really exciting is we got one of our less-active members who is 20 years old to work with us on Friday.  His name is Jewel, and we've been going to him for a while with no progression at all. But he worked with us Friday, so hopefully we can get him to go back to church through feeling the Spirit when he works with us. 
     Then I had a neat experience again this last Sunday! So first off, we had three investigators at church so that was really good.  Tina was one of them, and she has now been at church four Sundays so we just need to continue to teach her all the lessons. She's golden!  But what was neat is we've been teaching Sister Encarnation for months now.  She's less-active and has some family problems (It's hard to explain.).  But since we've been teaching her, she's been progressing, and her desire to go to church again has grown, and we thought she was getting close.  Well she came to church yesterday!! And it was just the best feeling ever.  I can't even describe, but I was so happy when I saw her walk in to Relief Society that tears came to my eyes.  You get so close to these people, and you teach them over and over; you are constantly praying for them and then to finally see them take that leap of faith and go to church. It's just the best feeling.  Before my mission I don't remember having a lot of experiences where I cried because I was so happy. But here it's happened a couple times, and I love it.  It makes all that we are doing here in Carmona so rewarding!  So yeah that was my Sunday.  Also one other less-active member came back for the first time also, Harry, which was so exciting to see him at church. 
     Dad, a member from my branch who looked at our family picture and also my new companion both told me that you look like Pres. Uchtdorf.  haha It made me laugh, and I had to tell you.  
     Anyway that was my week.  Yesterday at church I was thinking about how close I'm getting with all of Carmona branch, and it will be hard when it's my turn to transfer.  They're all so great! I can't believe it's already March; pretty soon I'll hit my 6 month mark, and that's just crazy.  My goal was to finish the Book of Mormon and be fluent in Tagalog by 6 months, and I'm in Ether and getting there with Tagalog. :) 

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