Oooo Fiesta!

     So today here in good ol' Carmona is Fiesta, some holiday that happens once a year for each province/city in the Philippines. It's to celebrate some Saint here in the city that is huge for Catholics but also huge for everyone. Basically there's a big fair, and everyone makes a lot of food, and it's just a party. So it's a good thing that it fell on P-day because if it were a regular working day, we would get no lessons in. But because it's P-day we have two lunch appointments right now, and then I'm sure many more later tonight. haha. And we have FHE with the Spencers (couple missionaries) again today and are going to a park with our whole zone so that should be fun. Saturday and Sunday we were a little punted (meaning no one would let us teach them) because they were getting ready for Fiesta and getting food ready and all that. So yeah it's a big deal here. I tell you Filipinos are partiers! haha.    
     Honestly, I don't have that much to tell you this week. This week a lot of our investigators couldn't meet with us because they were busy, so we didn't get all the lessons that we wanted to. We got a lot of less-actives though so that was good. And we actually had a lot of less-actives come to church for the first time yesterday. Hopefully they'll continue. We have one member who is 20 named Jewel, and his whole family will go to church, but he won't. So the last couple of weeks we've gotten him to come out and work with us and share with our investigators, and finally he went to church yesterday. It was so good to see him there because we've been teaching him for months now and no progress. So it was so good to see him go to church finally. So that was probably the most exciting thing for me this week.
      Sister Culango sent me a package with chocolate and a letter so that was also exciting. Beth, I was thinking the other day; when is your actual due date? I forgot. We're going to do a CSP this week for Sister Reyes who is the member that just barely had a baby. So that will be fun. I'll be thinking of Bets. So yeah, that's about all I have for today. One more week and all the YSA in our branch will be in the summer vacation, and then more of our YSA will be able to work with us. I'm excited for that. We have really fun members in our branch ages 19-20. So have a good week. Thanks for the e-mails everyone. I love you all so much.
Mahal ko kayo,
Sister Stromberg

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