"And having set our “hand to the plough,” we will never look back until this work is finished . . . ." --Elder J. R. Holland

     Well here we are again . . . I feel like I just wrote to you, but what do we know, one whole week has gone by.  This week went really fast.  I can't believe it.
     Conference was SO great!  We did get to watch all four sessions but not the priesthood or general Relief Society meetings.  But in one of our appointments Brother Wilmar shared his favorite talk which happened to be Bishop Stevenson's talk.  So I got to hear a little about that one.  There were a lot of really good talks, but I would have to say my favorite talk was Elder Holland’s.  I even got pretty emotional when listening to that one.  He actually gave a talk kind of similar to that in the MTC for mission presidents. We watched that our last zone conference, but this one was even more powerful.  I loved his closing words where he's talking for all of us and says "Yea Lord, we do love thee, and we will never look back until this work is finished" or something to that affect:)  Ahhh it was just so powerful, and I loved it.  But I also really like President Uchtdorf's and President Monson's and, Mom, you're right I did really enjoy Elder Bednar's about testimony vs. conversion.  There were just so many neat ones.  But I think one of my favorite parts is that we had nine investigators there also listening to the talks in Tagalog!!  It was so neat because it wasn't at our church; it was in Rosario which is a 20-30 minute bus ride, but our investigators still found a way to get there!  Jennalyn said she really enjoyed seeing our Prophet, Thomas S. Monson.  So yeah great experience . . . as always.
     Then for our other investigators . . . we have a baptism coming up this Saturday!!  Yay!!  Mark and Maryanne passed their interview, and then we also have three 8-year-olds getting baptized as well, so it is going to be such a neat baptism.  We are in charge of a musical number again, and I was thinking it would be fun to do Primary songs because they are all younger.  We'll see what we pick. I'm so excited for Mark and Maryanne though!  I have seen them both change so much and grow.  Maryanne is starting to get more involved with activities in the church and make friends, and it's so fun to see that.  And I'm so excited to see Mark receive the preisthood:) 
     With Analie, we taught her husband for the first time last night, and he's super quiet and didn't really want to open up to us or talk or answer questions. So we've got a big task on our hands to help him see the importance of our message.  I know in time it will all work out because that's exactly what happened with Maryjane and Nic in Palawan.
     We have another couple right now Mark and Maricris who Mark is a less active member, and Maricris is our investigator.  They just had their first baby who is ADORABLE!  But their concern right now is they're not married so we have to get them married.  She's going to skype with her mom who lives in Japan tomorrow to get permission to get married and then the planning will start:)  So we'll hope for the best from her mom tomorrow.
     Then we have Reynando and Hazel, aunt and uncle of Jennalyn, who have been coming to church pretty persistently and are really interested.  Last night we taught them WOW, and brother apparently is an addict to coffee but said he will do his best to stop.  They are also very active in their religion, Couples for Christ, right now so they're trying to do both right now. That's one thing we're working on is helping them pick one or the other kind of thing.  So yeah those are our most progressing investigators right now.
     We did a service project this last week in Cavite City and helped a member move.  We did it with a bunch of other missionaries, and I found out that my zone leader Elder Gillette is really good friends with McKenna Lewis, just a random little connection.  Then this morning for the second week in the row we got together as a district with our ward missionaries and played volleyball!  It has been so much fun!  I just love our ward missionaries right now.  Before they weren't really working with us, but yesterday we had a lot work with us. We were finally able to split me and Sister Richardson, and it was so great!  They're getting more involved in missionary work, and we have a bunch right now working on entering their mission papers!  It's so exciting! 
     Okay well, I love you all so much.  Thanks for all your support and all of your prayers.  Have a great week!!

Mahal ko kau,
Sister Stromberg

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