Maligayang Pasko!
     Well we might be all the way across the world, but we still seem to be tied together. So you all were talking about the great and wonderful primary program... well this last Sunday I was asked to stay an hour after church to be the pianist for our Primary and help them practice. And I can kind of relate to you, Mom, when you said your favorite calling was playing the piano in Primary. These kids are SO cute! And we too are singing Gabey's favorite "The Wise Man Built his House Upon the Rock." It's all in English except there's one song that's a new Primary song, "Bilang anak ng Diyos" (Or I think in English it's "As Children of God."), and that's the one song they sing in Tagalog. And, man, it's my favorite!!! I love hearing these cute Filipino kiddies singing! So I'm helping them practice one more time on Sunday, and then on the 25th is their program.
      So you're probably wondering what happened and why this e-mail is late this week. That's because it was our temple day today, and they just combined it with our P-day. So this morning to my surprise at the temple I was blessed to be in the same session as... Sister Culango:) That's the first time I've seen her for about 4 months because she just got back from Palawan. And sadly to say it might have been the last time I will see her:( . . . until I come back to the Philippines as an RM!! Yeah we had to say our goodbyes, and it was really sad because she goes home this December 12. Because she's assigned in the city right now, we won't see each other at the conferences or temple tours. But we were just really lucky we ended up in the same session because we were planning on being there earlier, but the sisters that went with us made us late. So it worked out just perfect. No more Nanay here in the mission. But my session earlier was SO good! I just love the temple so much, and life is just so great! I couldn't be happier.
      Then with our work it's still just pressing right along! We have two baptismal interviews scheduled this Saturday for Jennalyn and Khaycie, and then their baptism will be on the 24th. They're both super excited about their baptism and are so ready. Jennalyn has been through so much, and it's just about time she finally becomes a member!:) I'm so excited for her! Then we had the best surprise this last week at church. We had a lot of our investigators make it to church, and we were so excited about them all (16). As we were walking to our Sunday School class, one sister stopped me and said there was someone in a wheelchair downstairs looking for us. So to back up, remember the investigator I told you about that had no legs. Yeah that's Tatay Teodorro, and he's really, really interested. He even went to the internet and looked up all this stuff and checked out mormon.org and wants to know all about the church. Well we came from him Saturday night, and he explained that he hasn't left his house or used his wheelchair in a really long time and still has to clean it so he wouldn't be able to come to church until the 18th. Well yeah when that sister told us that, we just about screamed for joy and ran downstairs. Sure enough there was Tatay Teodorro!:) Then we had to get three of our priesthood to haul him upstairs, and it was just great!
     We also had about 21 less actives at church as well, so it was just a great day!:) Then last night we came from the family that we found at the cemetery the Day of Souls here, and they look VERY promising!! Our first visit sister didn't even really want to listen. It was just brother, but when we went to our second visit, sister had read two of the pamphlets we left, had questions, had all the kids out listening to us, and is just really excited. She also said that they were planning to go to church this last week, but when they read the pamphlet, it says you need to have a skirt and slacks and such. They don't have any of that so they didn't come (which of course we explained doesn't matter because most investigators just come in street clothes). So yeah I'm super excited about this Santos family and am excited to see them on Sunday!:) SO yeah work is just pressing right along here in Noveleta!
      Well that's about all that I have for today. Thanks for all of your e-mails and updates. November is going by so fast! We have this family that we get to eat Sunday dinner with every other Sunday, the Soleta family. They actually have kids going to BYU and have been to America before so every once in a while they'll cook American food for us. Well Bishop Soleta (old bishop) told us that he is going to find a turkey and have us over for Thanksgiving!!:) Yay so that's exciting! Oh and his daughter that's at BYU just competed in the United Nations competition that was held in Utah, and they showed us pictures. She was the winner! Go Philippines!:) Did you see that at all in the newspaper or anything? I don't know if that's big over there or not. Yeah that's just a little side note. But I better get this sent. Thanks for all of your love and support! I love you all so very much!:)

Mahal ko kayo,
Sister Stromberg

P.S. Oh yeah, I have another crazy experience so we were teaching one of our less actives this last week, and she started talking about the missionaries that baptized her husband and said one of their names was Tyson Bell. That name sounded SO familiar to me, so I asked her to show me a picture. Well she dug an old photo out of her husband’s baptism, and sure enough I know who that is. For Kip and Ryan, isn't that the one who's a supervisor at Independent Study who sits over by Keenan? If I remember right, that's him, and it was just so funny to see his picture when he was a young missionary teaching here in the Manila mission. Small world! Oh and speaking of small world, today at the temple I ran into a sister who played basketball with Amanda Jensen, and she told me Amanda's married . . . who knew? Ok, that's about all for today!

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