Only one more to go!

     This week has been another good week at the MTC. And it went by super fast too! I can't believe it's already P-day and that as of today we've been here one month, and we only have one more to go! We had an Elder Alanuio that had to join our district for a couple weeks because he wasn't able to leave with his district that left two weeks ago. He's leaving in the morning, and he's going to the Manila mission. Last night our teacher was saying goodbye to him, and it was just super exciting and made us all so excited to be the ones leaving for the Philippines!
     In class there wasn't really anything too exciting. We're still just trudging along with the Tagalog. And we're still teaching Efron Vargas and Joji Barizo as our investigators. Efron has a baptisimal date on November 15th, and then Joji is thinking about baptism but has to talk with his wife first, so that's the status on progressing investigators.
     The devotional this week was Elder Hallstrom and his wife, and they did an awesome job! Elder Hallstrom said he felt the need not to really prepare this time and just talk from his heart and make it personal, and it was just what I needed. I said a little prayer before the devotional asking that I would hear something from his talk that would help me to be a better missionary, and I totally got an answer to my prayers. It was nothing huge but just something little and specific that I need to do better with. He just emphasized "What kind of missionary do you want to be?" and talked about obedience and your companion and just all kinds of little things that we can improve on. It was awesome!
     We also sang our choir director's favorite song, "Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer" which was so pretty! I realized this week that we all probably had the same choir director! His name is Brother Brenchly or something like that, and he said he's directed the choir for like twenty-something years now so that's kind of cool to think we all sang with him. He's a way funny old man!  When Betsy talked about the devotionals, that she remembers when she was at the MTC and how music was the thing that brought the spirit the most, I can totally relate! The music that is sung here is definitely my favorite part! The times that I have found myself tearing up is during a song! There's just something special about a big group of missionaries all singing together. This last week we sang "We'll Bring the World his Truth," and when it got to the line "We will be the Lord's missionaries, to bring the world his truth," man, POWERFUL! It's so much different than singing it in Primary when you're singing it and you really ARE the LORD's missionaries! Yeah it was really cool!
     Another thing that I learned this week that I thought was really neat, we were actually told this two different times from two different people this week. I learned that you have two names on your nametag--both of which you are representing. The savior JESUS CHRIST which is the most important and the most significant; with that one we all know that we have the privilege of representing our Savior and what a blessing that is! Then the second one is STROMBERG. And they talked about how we have the opportunity to represent our family as a missionary and talked about it being a legacy, and I just thought that was so neat! When they were telling us that, I just thought how I'm so lucky and proud to be wearing the STROMBERG name! I've had amazing examples before me from those wearing that name, and I love that I get to wear it for the next year and a half! So yeah I hope I explained that well. It was neat to think of it like that and think of my family:)
     I don't remember if I told you, but Sister Allen and Sister Maiava had to move out of our room a couple weeks ago because their branch president wanted their branch to all be in the same room. So this week we got two sisters going to Germany who moved in with us. And let me tell ya... they are... interesting:) haha. They definitely just make us laugh. Their names are Sister Young from Nebraska and Sister Dean from like Spanish Fork or somewhere.
     I love you all and am so grateful for your support. I pray for you all each day, actually many times a day! Nagpapasalamat po kami para sa mga pamilya namin! That's what I say!:) Hope all is well! Only one more month, and I'll be on my way to Manila!!!:)
Oh, and a little surprise for Ryan!

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