. . . a rough one actually

     So it has been quite the week! First off on Sunday guess who came and spoke in Relief Society? Sister Dalton!:) One of my favorites and she did so good! She was just so sweet and really connected with all of us sister missionaries! She talked about how she felt a special bond with all of us because we have been with her through pretty much all of her callings. When she was in Young Women, we were in Young Women with her, and then when she moved into Relief Society, we also moved into Relief Society with her. She talked about when she did Personal Progress, we were also doing it with her. So she said that she just felt a special connection with us, and that was really neat. Also Sunday morning at 3:00 she said she woke up and received some personal revelation on what she should speak about so that was also really neat to think that she was teaching us exactly what the Lord wanted us to hear that day! She gave a good analagy with running... like usual:) I'd tell ya all about it if I had the time. Basically the moral of the story was: "You never make the decision to go back or turn around when you are in the middle of a hill." Kind of shared some stories about adversity, and then she ended by doing something that she said she's never shared with anyone ever before. She has a special list of her favorite scriptures that can bring comfort and peace to her. Well she shared that list with us. It was really neat to hear some of her favorites. She shared it with us to encourage us to make our own list to go in our scriptures so that when we are having a hard time, we can pull that list out. It was neat.
Elder Escobedo
     Then the rest of my week has been kind of a rough one actually. On Tuesday night I found out that one of my favorite elders in my district was going home. It was really hard to hear that! It's Elder Escobedo, and he sat next to me in class. He was super good at Tagalog and always helped me out with all of my questions. He was just a goof, and we would always joke and make fun of each other. He also was the elder that gave me my blessing on my knee. So yeah it was really hard to hear he was going home and wouldn't be in our class anymore. He didn't really share why but yeah.
Elder Escobedo (in suspenders) & Elder Anderson
     Then also this week, as you know from hearing from Nicole, my companion has been sick. She's been having constant migraines or headaches. She went to the health clinic at the MTC, and they didn't really help her. So she went to the BYU health clinic, and they gave her a shot and some Loritab, and that hasn't really helped her either. The Loritab didn't even take away the pain. Then yesterday night they drove us in a shuttle to Lund Optical (which it was SO weird being in Provo so close to where Kipper and Nicole live). They wanted to check her eyes to see if that was causing the headache, but it wasn't that either. So yeah she still is having pain, met with a counselor, is feeling a lot of stress, and has talked to the branch president about some options (going home being one of them:( ), and it's just been a crazy week. It's been really hard because I want to help her, but I don't know what I can do. So I'm just praying A LOT and then trying to find ways to help and talk to her and encourage her, but it's been really rough. Because of all of this I've missed a lot of class and studying and TRC, so yeah hopefully we can get something figured out. I feel so bad for Sister Vickers! So if you could please pray for her along with me, that would be great! I don't really know what to do for her other then pray at this point.
Some people pray in their closets (Matt 6:6);
some on their closets when both sleep on the top bunk.

     Oh I did initiatories today in the temple for the first time, and it was so neat! This lady who helped me was wearing your temple dress, Mom, and it made me think of you:) But yeah it was neat to be reminded of those beautiful blessing that we are promised in the temple! I didn't remember there being so many blessings the first time I went through. I just love the temple!

Mahal Ko Kayo!
Sister Stromberg :)

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