Hello Pamilya!
     This week we got to go to the temple, Wednesday morning for our temple day. And I got a special surprise when I got there. :) I walked in the door and who was sitting there in the waiting room... Sister Westover, from the MTC who's serving in Quezon City North. It was so fun seeing her and chatting about our areas and such, and then we actually got to be in the same session. Then after our session, after we changed, we ran into Sister Dennis also. It was so fun seeing them! Sister Dennis said that she saw our names on the check-in list so she waited for us after her session. We always said in the MTC that we hoped somehow we'd run into each other, and we already did. It was a lot of fun seeing them.

Back together again in the Philippines!
     Then we also had another temple tour on Saturday where we were assigned to be users this time for all the different groups. It was fun seeing all the different missionaries. I found out that one elder in my mission is actually from Logan. I forget his name, but he knew Cami. So other than going to the temple twice this week, it was just a regular week in Carmona B.
     So to try and explain a little better, I'm not in Manila. I'm like an hour or so away from Manila. And there are a lot more zones than I mentioned before , but I just don't know the names of them all. There are three zones on Palawan (more then I told you before because I didn't know before). I am in the San Gabriel zone, I think I mentioned that in my first e-mail. There are two districts in my zone. I don't really know how more to describe it. Carmona is where we are assigned, and we have our district meetings in Binan where the elders are serving. There are a lot more stores in Binan, and it's a bigger town. We actually are here in Binan today because we wanted to visit the palengkes which are markets where you can barter for things. I got a purse that's cute made out of bamboo looking stuff. There's also a McDo's here which we went there to eat and actually ended up finding someone to teach that is from Carmona and from our area. Her little girl (probably 2 years old) came over by us, and we were talking to her; it gave us an opportunity to talk to her mom, and she's very nice. We'll go visit her later this week.  Definitely didn't happen by accident. Neat how those opportunities happen.
     About chocolate... they do have chocolate here. Not all the chocolate in the US, but they have KitKats, M&Ms, Toblerone, Oreos, and I bet there are others, I just don't remember right now. But they don't have Fastbreaks, I know that. It's just really expensive here so whenever anyone gets chocolate, it's just a big deal. So yes, I enjoyed it a lot. It was Sister Culango's first time eating Reeses, and she really like that. So thanks again!
     My interviews were two different interviews. The one with President Stucki was the one I told you about, and yes I shared the background to that scripture. I will tell you my goals next week; I didn't bring them, and I'm out of time so just remind me. Sister Stucki just chatted about if we had everything in our apartment we needed and if we needed anything for our health purposes and such.
     So I don't know where the time went today, but I'm out of time. We had to e-mail our Zone leaders pictures for a slide show so maybe that's where it went. But I hope your week goes well. Oh and, Dad, can you send me the recipe for Swedish pancakes? Sister Culango wants to try them. And also carmel corn?:) Thanks!
     So to sum up my work fast, we taught a lot this week and a bunch of our investigators told us they would go to church, and we fasted for our investigators to go to church this week, and when Sunday came... there were none at church. :( So yeah that's definitely a struggle for us right now! It's rough, but this week we're going to focus on finding new investigators who will be a little more committed hopefully, but still visit our other ones, of course. So hopefully we'll find some good ones. Well I love you all so much. Thanks for the e-mail. I can't believe it's already February this week. Man, January just flew by! Anyway...
Nothing is impossible . . .
Mahal ko kayo,
Sister Stromberg

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