Marami trials!

 Hello, Hello!
   I don't really know when you stop being a greenie, but our transfer day is Wednesday. Pretty crazy that it's already been a whole transfer! It went by so fast, and I'll be really sad if I get a new companion already. Sister Culango and I have so much fun together and work hard together, and it would just be sad if our time together was already over. But we shall see what the Lord has in store for me, I guess. Our zone leaders are calling us later today to tell us who is being transferred, and then whoever is being transferred will go to the transfer meeting in Makati to find out where to and who's their new companion. I kind of have a feeling I'll have Sister Culango for one more transfer because they have a new 12-week training program. I don't know if I've mentioned it, but it's just a booklet with instructions on what to study; you have two hours of companionship study during your first 12 weeks and just different things you have to accomplish that week during proselyting. And I just think they try to keep you with your trainer for the full 12-week program. But we will see.
   This week was the first week I think that we didn't have some kind of an activity such as temple tour, temple trip, branch Christmas party, mission Christmas party, training for new missionary, etc. So I really got to know the meaning of hard work!! During December we also had a lot of dinner appointments because of Christmas, but this week we didn't have any. So work, work, work from 1-9! And it felt really good. We found a couple more new investigators who are interested. One's name is Ivy, and she's 22 and is married with two kids. When we taught her about the Book of Mormon, she got really excited and asked us where she could buy a copy! Then she got even more excited when we told her she didn't have to pay for one that we would give her one. So she's excited about that. All of our investigators are progressing and seem really interested, but our one problem is none of them will go to church! It's actually kind of annoying, haha. Because they all talk about how much they want to go to church, and they all tell us that they will be there and will see us there, but when Sunday comes... wala! We don't have any come. Then for yesterday it was raining pretty good so when we asked them why, it's because of all the rain...:( I don't get why that's an excuse, but Sister Culango said that's just how Filipinos are that they don't want to go anywhere when it's raining. So yeah we have to keep pushing back all of our baptismal dates because our investigators need to go to church 4 weeks in a row before their baptism. So it's just a little frustrating, but we will still keep trying and hopefully next week. Zaldy worked with us this week quite a few times. I think I've mentioned him before to you, but he's our ward mission leader. He's 19, and he's about to turn in his mission papers. He's a stud and has worked with the missionaries for years now, so he knows all the lessons and helps us teach. We're letting him come swim in our pool today haha (maybe a little bribery to work with us! haha). No, we invited some of the other YSA to if they want. Yeah I don't know if I told you, but we have a nice swimming pool in our club house... but it's a waste for us.
A waste!?!
     Haha, this one day these two girls just started following us and talking to us as we were walking, and they grab onto my hand and just walk along with us while holding my hand. ha They were so funny. One of them was full of attitude! You can probably tell which one from the picture.
Sister Stromberry's new BFFs
   So yeah, I don't have a lot else to tell you. I haven't received the Christmas package yet. I will let you know when I do. As far as my health... I'm doing great. My knee isn't bugging me at all, and my pills are doing great. No complaints. The only complaint I guess is I get eaten alive by mosquitoes:( But I started using spray more often and am doing better. One day I had a bite, and it didn't look like a mosquito bite so I asked Sister Culango, "What's this?" She answered, "Trials!" haha It made me laugh. So now after we go to one house that has a lot of mosquitoes, and I'm itchy she'll ask me what’s wrong, and I'll say, "Marami trials, Sister!" (lots of trials) haha. She cracks me up.
   Dad, good luck with the PMG class. That's exciting that the Foxridge ward is getting involved in missionary work! Advice for the ward: if missionaries are teaching investigators within the ward boundaries, and they ask for help fellowshipping and such... help them! haha. We have coordination meeting and ask the members to help, and they don't do a thing. It's actually really hard. Especially because we are focusing so much on "establishing the church" and trying to bring back in-active members and need help from the members. In our district meetings they emphasize you need members to help you, and it's just not happening in the Carmona branch quite yet. But we're trying to change that. We got one Relief Society sister to work with us tomorrow for the first time so that's a start. 
   Oh, someone asked about the weather... it's supposedly their cold season now or something, but it's not cold. At night it's the perfect temperature! Today as I was changing my sheets, I thought, “I don't know why they told us to bring that blanket because I will never even take it out of my suitcase.” I'm still always sweating. I have a small tan line from my watch, and it's definitely not cold by any means. But anyways, I hope you all have a good week. I love you all so much! Thanks for the e-mails each week; I love hearing from each one of you!

Mahal Ko Kayo,
“Sister Stromberry”
(as the little kids here call me sometimes)

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