Black Eye?!?

Aiden Eli Stromberg
     Oi, I can't believe I have another little nephew! How exciting. But poor little Aiden in the NICU, and poor Bethany has to go through all of that again. :( I'll be praying for you! Oh and you too, Jasen:) I can't believe how blonde his hair is! I think that's what Jasen gets for all the dumb blonde jokes he would tell me all growing up! haha. But I'm so happy for you!
 Lil' cousin Cameron
     And Ry and Bets, thanks also for the pics of cute Cameron! My nieces and nephews just doubled within the last month. And kind of ironic, Mom and Dad, that now you have 3 grandsons and 1 granddaughter along with your 3 sons and 1 daughter; all I've got to say is someone better watch out for poor little Hannah. It's rough being the only girl;) haha jk.
Black-eyed Stromberg
     So I have some news for you all... yes as you can tell from the subject of my e-mail I did indeed get a black eye this last week. Yeah after all my years of playing sports and not getting a black eye, somehow I happened to get one on my mission. It was on Monday for FHE. I told you last week we were going to play basketball. Well it was me, two ward missionaries, and our investigator Mark. And yep, it just happened to be our investigator that was the one who gave me the black eye. So no big deal; I was just walking around for a week spreading the Gospel with a black eye. It looked really... nice. But it's finally almost healed. But it was fun, of course, none the less.
The FHE crew
 Mark and the ward missionaries
    Then as far as this week, the work here in Carmona is progressing. We finally are getting to the point where before we were just finding new investigators, and now those new investigators are starting to progress. They're starting to get excited about the message we are sharing with them, and they're reading. We just have to see now if they'll commit to going to church now. Mark this last week told us that he is ready again to prepare for baptism, and we set a date with him. His cousin Jackilyn we've also been teaching, and she accepted the baptismal date also. She actually when she was on vacation started reading the Book of Mormon and read all the way to the middle of Alma and knows the Book of Mormon is true. So now we have those two that we are helping get ready for baptism. Jacki is pregnant and wants to wait till she has her baby to be baptized. Both of their dates right now are in May, but we might end up moving Mark's date up if he's ready. We just have to get them in a habit of coming to church, and they'll be ready.
     We have this other family, the Pana family, who the mom is a member, but she is less active. And they are the nicest family, and they are just always so happy as we've been teaching them. The dad is Catholic, and we've heard he's pretty set in his ways. But he's really nice, and they have two kids in high school that seem interested so we'll see.
 Sister Ronquillo, ?, and Sister Stromberg
    UI!!! I just got a call, and I'm being transferred. And to tell you the truth, I didn't want to hear that. I didn't really feel like I would be transferred, so yesterday at church I didn't really tell anyone about transfer day because I just thought I'd be here one more transfer. But I will find out tomorrow where I will be going and such. And the weird thing is Sister Ronquillo is being transferred too. So they're either shutting down our area or shotgunning and sending in two new missionaries, which makes me nervous:(  We've been working so hard these last few weeks and have found all these new investigators and are working with them, and now we don't even know what will happen with all of them. So yeah, my mind is kind of all over the place right now. But I know everything will work out. Of course it will because this is the Lord's work not our work and wherever Sister Ronquillo and I are going is where we're supposed to be. But man transfers are rough. I'm starting to not like them! It will be really hard to leave Carmona, especially not getting to say goodbye to everyone. But I've been very lucky to be assigned here, and I just love all the members here in our branch. I'm sure my next area will be the same way. It's definitely a bittersweet feeling.
                                 All the sister missionaries in Carmona B!
   Well my time is about up now, and I have a million things to do before I leave Carmona Wednesday morning now so I better close up. I love you all. Thanks for the updates. Kip, you are a goof. Who do you think you are telling me Aiden looks like me and get me excited and then saying, “just kidding” :) haha. For the rest of you, so sorry I'm out of time. Take care. Ja, I'll be praying for your new little boy and your family! 
 Baby Aiden in the NICU
Mahal ko kayo,
Sister Stromberg

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