I was overwhelmed with the love that I felt back

     So yes, my week has been quite the week! I can't even believe all that happened in such a short time, and now once again I'm living quite the different lifestyle. I'm kind of going through a culture shock again. Yes, that means I did indeed get transferred... no April fools’ joke. And I happened to get assigned to the most coveted area in our mission, the area that is well known as the celestial kingdom of the Manila Mission. Yep, I'm now on the island of Palawan!:) The AP's called me up Monday afternoon to tell me where I was getting transferred to and told me I had to be at the mission office the next night at 7:00 to have my bags weighed. And let me just tell you that was a nightmare in and of itself! If you remember, it was hard for me to pack coming from the MTC with 2 bags weighing 50 pounds each, and this time I could only take 1 bag weighing 40 pounds. Last time I said that I learned what I could live without . . . ; this time I pretty much had my clothes and a couple books. haha That was about it. I had to buy everything else here when I got here. So then I left early Wednesday morning on an airplane from Manila and arrived here in Palawan around 10 am.
Sister Stromberg & Sister Afu
     But before I talk about my new area, first, man, it was so hard to leave Carmona. I absolutely loved our branch and all the people that I got to know there. But let me just tell you, I was overwhelmed with the love that I felt back from them Monday night. I received so many nice texts and phone calls expressing their gratitude and love, and, man, there was one point I couldn't help but tear up. Then the Branch President sent me the nicest text saying he had been receiving texts all day that I was being transferred from all the YSA. Then some of them stopped by on Tuesday to say goodbye, and man it was just hard saying goodbye. I felt so blessed to have been assigned there for 4 months. And it was also hard to say goodbye to Sister Ronquillo, especially only having one transfer with her. But I know it's all part of the Lord's plan for me.
The two foreigners :)
     So back to Palawan . . . my new companion is Sister Afu, and I just love her already! She's Tongan but from New Zeland, and let's be honest, you can't go wrong with Tongans or Samoans.  They're always happy and up for a good time:) haha. And this time I don't look like a giant next to my companion. haha. No, but I've already learned a lot from her. She is very humble and very selfless. And she has a sweet New Zealand accent:) And it's kind of fun to be two foreigners; sometimes we both don't understand something and just can laugh about it later, and I'm excited for this transfer.
 Santa Monica area

     So on Palawan there's a city Puerto Princesa, and that's where we live. It's not big by any means, but that's where the grocery stores are and some motels and different restaurants. Then our area, Santa Monica, is 30 minutes away from the city, and it's BEAUTIFUL!! But I thought the people in Carmona were so poor and had so little . . . ; this is like Other Side of Heaven status. A lot of them live in bamboo huts. But they are just the nicest people. I haven't really met a lot from my branch yet because of general conference, but I met some. We had one Relief Society sister work with us last night, and she was so funny. She just cracked me up. But what's so different here is the church is so new here in Palawan. I feel like almost everyone I've met are all converts, and all were baptized within the last ten years or so. It's so exciting though. We have about 12 progressing investigators right now, and eight of them have baptismal dates so that's exciting. We have these two little boys Ronron 10 and Carl 11 years old that we're teaching, and that's been a new experience for me teaching them.  They're preparing for baptism.  The rest I'll have to tell you about another day.
Sister Stromberg & Sister Dyer from Orem
     I'm living with two other sisters, Sister Campoto and Sister Dyer. Sister Dyer is actually from Orem and is really good friends with Natalie. So, Bets, you'll have to tell your sister who I'm living with on a little island. I was going to send a picture of us, but there's something wrong with my camera. But don't worry; I'll get it fixed and send some pics to ya. We are in a branch with two other elders also. But the sisters invited us to a branch activity with them, and it was so fun! We went to one of the beaches and ate and played games, and they even had a volleyball tourney. They just tied a net to two palm trees, and that's where we played. After the first play, the branch president said about me, "Wow, she knows how to set." haha It made me laugh. Bummer I can't send you the pictures, but I'll work on that. So yeah as hard as it was to leave Carmona, being here in Palawan has definitely been a blessing. When we got here, we had an orientation with the couple missionaries, and they assured us the privilege it is to be assigned here in Palawan.  I just feel very blessed.  

"Wow, she knows how to set." haha
     As far as conference... it was kind of interesting because that day we didn't have any power so we had to hook up a generator for everyone to watch conference, and it kept going in and out. It just happened to go out in the intense part of Elder Holland’s talk and also right in the middle of President Monson's talk. Great timing, huh? ha. But that's okay. I really like Elder Oaks’ talk about the plan of salvation and sacrifice and the atonement. And then I really like Pres. Eyring’s talk as well, but I always like his talks. He's just so sincere and so heart felt when he shares his testimony. Then one line that I thought was quite ironic was in Elder David Baxters talk he said, "Providence will move with you" haha, and I just thought it could have a double meaning for me. Meaning my family will move with me, or something... ha. Who knows, maybe I'm crazy?
     Oh and tell Gabey HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! and that I love him and miss him a lot!! I'll try and send something if I have time later on. I don't really know what our P-days consist of. But I love you all, and hope you have a great week. Thanks for the support.
Mahal ko Kayo,
Sister Stromberg

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