Wow, only in the Philippines!

    So I had quite the week. Let's just say, there was a single moment where I thought... wow only in the Philippines.:) haha Okay, now I'll explain: so we did a CSP for Tatay Carlito who is a recent convert from the Elders area in our branch, but I've gotten really close to him because he's a total teaser! He's older and is just a crack up and always teases me and such. So we went to his farm and helped harvest coconuts (which I think we ate them all) and weeded a little and then he took us up the mountain to see his different trees. On the way down guess who got to ride his caribou down the mountain... yep I did:) And so as I was riding down it started to rain and it was the most beautiful view over Palawan, and I just thought, "Wow, I'm definitely in the Philippines!!" So yeah that was my fun experience for the week. 
     We also did another service project for a family in our branch who is opening a restaurant. The sisters stained all the wood chairs, and the elders and brothers did a bunch of shoveling and stuff with the land. It was a lot of fun.
      Oh and you'll never guess what we got to do this last week. We went on companionship EXCHANGES! And who was my companion... my NANAY! Yaya Sister Culango and I were companions again for one day. It was so fun. It was neat to see the difference now being companions from before. Sister Culango is very talkative.  Before I remember she would do a lot of the talking and getting to know people mostly because I couldn't understand it all or relate, but this time we were both just talking, talking, talking in Tagalog.  It was so much fun. She's great:)
     As far as investigators, we had a branch FHE again this last Friday, and Nanay and Tatay Bombase showed up.  We were so excited! They seemed to have a really good time as well. The members jumped right in and fellowshipped, and it was so fun to watch. Then Nanay came to church yesterday, but Tatay had the flu. Maryjane and Nic well they're still just pressing forward. Their baptism will be in September sometime.  Maryjane actually cooked pancakes for us last night because one of the members told her that I might be transferring.  She is so cute. They really don't have a lot of money so it says a lot that they made us food.
     For some reason everyone thinks I'm getting transferred. I haven't even said anything, but members are all saying it's my time to get transferred, so everyone has wanted to feed us dinner and such. We have this one Nanay and Tatay Dagot who Tatay was less active but just became active 4 months ago, and then Nanay is inactive because she has a sickness which makes it hard to leave the house. But they are so cute, and they call me their anak (child). 
Tatay made me lunch the other day for my birthday he said because he's for sure I'll get transferred. (I'll attach a picture of them). Then yesterday he had an interview with president and he will receive the Melchezidek priesthood in October and set a date in April to go to the temple:)  YAY! I'm so excited for him! And he was so, so excited when he came out of the interview. He's such a sweetheart. Last night was Nanay Montilla's birthday, and so of course we had to go there and celebrate with dinner also.
     Man, there has just been a lot going on, and I feel like I've only mentioned about half of it. But yeah life is great.  No complaints! I love this branch so much, and I will miss them if I am transferring. It will be rough. But I know whatever happens is what the Lord needs of me right now so I'm excited of course. I'll probably find out later today.

     So yeah I think that's my week in a nutshell. I have to close this. Thanks for the e-mails and support. Bets I sent you a card from here in the Philippines.... that's a bummer it still hasn't gotten to you:( Hopefully soon! Enjoy Tennessee! And I thought you were going to attach a picture... well I LOVE YOU ALL!

Mahal ko kayo!
Sister Stromberg

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