My heart was just so full of happiness

Hello po family:)
      What a great week. But first, thanks, Hannah and Gabey, for the cute updates! I sure do miss you guys. I was actually thinking of them last night in my prayers and how I miss them. But I did just get a new 7 year old boyfriend here in my ward:) haha I'll attach a picture he drew for me yesterday in church.

     So yes, we had a great week. We had our baptism for Ben and Amelia Antonio! It was Saturday night, and we even had President and Sister Stucki attend. I think I told you a little about Ben last week, but he is just so excited about the gospel. He has given us about ten referrals by now. Last week he actually randomly found our apartment by asking around where the missionaries live, and in the middle of companionship study we hear a "Good Morning, Sisters." We found out he came all the way to our apartment to give us another two referrals that he had just talked to that morning as he was walking through town. Then one day he took us to some of his referrals, and on our way he was just talking to everyone and wants to tell everyone about the gospel. It's just so awesome. Then his wife, Amelia, is just the cutest little Filipino who just loves her family and loves what we have taught her. She's a little quieter, but you can just see she is so happy and enjoys the Relief Society sisters, and it's just great. It was just the best feeling ever to see them baptized; my heart was just so full of happiness for them! Oh and Sister Dyer and I also sang "Naniniwala Ako Kay Cristo" for the baptism. Yep that's “I Believe in Christ,” and we sang it in Tagalog.President Stucki told us a couple times how nice it sounded and that we really harmonize well together. So that was fun to be able to sing that for them at their baptism. It was just a really neat day!
Ben and Amelia Antonio
The tall man holding the little child is our bishop,
and he reminds me SO much of Ryan!!
Like really, they are the same; if Ry were a Filipino, he would be Bishop Kanaya!
       It was also just neat because the ward has been so involved in fellowshipping them and been so excited for them, and it was just neat seeing them all so excited for Ben and Amelia. Ah man, I just love this ward! They're so great! This is how great they are: we contacted 15 referrals this week, and they all came from the ward members. We ended up with 23 new investigators! Yeah they are just so active in this work, and it's so fun working with them.
     Also this last week, I got to do my first temple session again after six months!:) We went Wednesday morning the first session, and it felt SO good to be in the temple again. What a special place. A member in our ward just got a job there and was working that day, so we talked to her on the way out.  She told us that at that very moment Elder Bednar was doing a session in the temple. Ah man, we just missed being in a session with an Apostle! He was here in Quezon City doing a fireside for the youth, and they all presented cultural dances for him. Unfortunately missionaries weren't invited. I guess we have other work we need to be doing:), but yeah I was in the Manila temple the same time as Elder Bednar.  That's pretty cool!
     I think that's about all the exciting news for this week. But it was an awesome week, and we found a bunch of new investigators. We also had some new less active members come to church for the first time yesterday which is always so good to see. And one of our priesthood holders came back yesterday and even bore his testimony in sacrament meeting, and it was so neat. There is just so much happening here in Novaleta, and it's so exciting to be here helping the Lord with His work. I know He has a plan for this ward, and hopefully I'll be around long enough to see what happens.
     Well thanks for the e-mails again. Y'all are just so great and faithful:) Kip, you never answered my question; when are you graduating?  Will we have a semester together again, or will you be finished? It's kind of crazy to think another year is starting, and all my friends are SENIORS! How does that happen?!!
     You asked about my new camera; it's an Olympus, and it cost 5000 pesos which is about $115. It has a one year warrantee with it, and you can also take 3D pictures with it.  How cool is that?:) Yeah I think those were all of your questions. Well I hope you all have a great Labor Day, and I'll talk to y'all next week:) Thanks a million! Love you all so much!

Mahal na mahal ko kayo lahat!
Sister Stromberg

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