So ready and receptive

Hello po family:)
     So yes, it has been a week of change... again:)  I feel like transfers just come and go, and everything here is always a constant change.  But I am still here in Novaleta with my new companion, Sister Richardson.  Yep I'm with an American again:)  I remember returned missionaries telling me that you were lucky to have 1 or 2 Americans while on your mission, and this is my third... in a row:)  She is from good ol' Tremonton!  Yep, so not too far away from us.  She went to Bear River and knows Kelsey Hodge and Felicity and the crew.  She has the most beautiful voice, and that's her major at BYU-Idaho.  This is her second area and her first time serving in a province area because she came from Makati, right in the heart of the city.  So it's kind of fun being with her when she gets to see things for the first time here in Cavite.  She's great, and I'm excited to get to know her more. 
     Speaking of transfer day, I received your package on transfer day!  THANKS SO MUCH!  It was seriously everything that I needed!  It was perfect!!  You are the best!  I also got cards from Grandma and Uncle Randy & LaLa so thanks so much.  Sister Culango also sent me banana cake (banana bread) and a Filipino cook book from Palawan:)  So yeah I feel so blessed to have such great friends and family! 
     So this week was a really awesome week for missionary work.  The people here in Novaleta are so ready and receptive to our message.  Right now we have 19 investigators with baptismal dates, and a good majority of them are progressing.  We also just found a new investigator, Annalie, on Saturday who is one of our less active’s siblings, and she was so excited about our message.  She said just earlier that week she had found a Book of Mormon and had read the testimony of Joseph Smith.  Then the very next day (yesterday) she came to church!  I'm super excited about her!  Then we have this new family, the Sumilang family, who came to church for the first time yesterday, and last night we had the best lesson with them about the plan of salvation and committed them to baptism. They are really excited.  They were saying how everything they've heard, they know is true, and they know they need to be baptized again.  They said they were baptized when they were just babies, and they know they need to be older, just like Jesus Christ was.  It was just really good.  Our biggest concern right now is we have a lot of investigators who need to get married, but most don't have any money.  So we have to see if we can get someone here in the church to get certified to wed, and then it wouldn't cost as much.  So hopefully we can get on that fast. 
     We just have a lot happening in our ward.  Sister Richardson and I were asked to speak yesterday in sacrament meeting so that was good.  Oh and now that Sister Dyer transferred, I'm the new ward pianist, which is great; I'm happy to serve and all, but a little sad because I don't get to mingle and talk with all the investigators and less actives before sacrament meeting starts.  But what can ya do?:)  We also had a farewell party last Thursday night for Richard and Melvin, our two most diligent ward missionaries.  It was actually really hard to see them leave because they've been working with us missionaries almost every day.  They've also been super good fellowshippers to a lot of investigators, so we've got to pick up some slack now that they left.  But I'm super excited for them because they'll be such good missionaries. 
     Hmmm... I think that's about all I have to say for today.  Mom, you said something about Sister Dyer and Sister Culango going home at the same time. Four of six of my companions are all going home in December: Sister Culango, Sister Dyer, Sister Afu, and Sister Stonick.  haha Pretty crazy.  And Sister Ronquillo is going home in January so they'll all be leaving me before I know it.  But yeah I know a big chunk of the sisters here, but of course not all of them.  I didn't even hear about a typhoon so who knows. 
     Oh, Mom, I've been thinking a little about Christmas because of course there are already Christmas songs playing here, and every once in a while you'll hear music.  But is there any way you could send that story of The Three Trees to me, the book that Betsy gave to you?  I would really appreciate that.  One other thing there's a quote on my mirror at home, something about changing the world; can you send that to me?  I don't remember it! 
     Well I'm out of time so I hope you all have a great week!  I love you all so much, and thanks for the love and support always!

Mahal na mahal kita,
Sister Stromberg

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