I don't like it :(

Hello Family!
     Wow, I can't believe you have SOOoo much snow! As I looked at those pictures, I don't even remember what it feels like to be that cold. Let's hope that it warms up a bit before April. Oh, good ol' Cache Valley:)
     So first before I forget... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Bethany!!!! Sorry, I haven't found any spare minutes to write you a card like last year, but I love you a lot and hope you have such a great day! Same to my cute nephew CAM!!! Man, that blows my mind he's turning one! Ahhhh those pictures of Cam and Aiden were SOOOoo adorable! Man , I have the cutest pamangking ever!!    
     So yeah this week, to tell you the truth, I was thinking about it this morning, and it wasn't too eventful. We just worked, worked, worked. Our investigator, Macmac, who is 11 is getting close to his baptism. He lives with his grandma and grandpa who are members, and he is SO smart for an 11 year old. Because he's living with them, we have permission that he can be baptized, and he's SO ready. He reads every day, even in D&C. He's been taught by other missionaries before and remembers most of it. He was so cute this last week; he gave us roses for Valentine's Day. He was the only one to give us a gift. So yeah he will probably be baptized the 3rd week in March.
     We also just started teaching Melody, a nanny for a member, who is SO prepared! Our first lesson she opened up and said that she was so interested in learning. She told us her whole life she's never even held a Bible or really prayed. At the end of the lesson we were able to give her a baptismal date of March 30 which she happily accepted. Then when we went back for the second lesson, she explained that she was nervous to ask her parents for permission to change religions since she's only 21 because a few years ago her older sister wanted to, and they didn't allow it. But she said that she prayed, and when she called them, they said it was up to her, whatever made her happy. She said she was so surprised, and she knows that it was because of her prayers. She's so awesome!
     Then this weekend we ended up having a CSP for a member who is a dentist. She just moved offices so we cleaned out her old office for her. That's about all that comes to my mind this week. Sorry this is probably a boring e-mail.
     Sister Tuia is doing great. You say her name “tuya.” This Wednesday we are finishing up our first transfer together which I know you're not surprised to hear that it went by so fast! Just like every other one. And it will be no surprise that this next one will fly by. I don't like it:( Although I'm so excited to see each and every one of you . . . well you know how it is. As I work through where I’m going to live spring and fall semesters, man, I don't even want to think of this all, but it's going to come up right after I go home so it's have to get it taken care of.
      Oh you mentioned the new missions that are opening up!! Isn't that so exciting??!!! Yeah they told our mission before it was announced in church news. My first area, Carmona and then Novaleta as well will be in the Cavite mission. Our mission will be splitting which is so crazy! So exciting as well! This transfer day we're getting two new missionaries here in Mandaluyong, and they’re making a Manda 4th ward. They're opening up like seven new areas this transfer, I think I heard. It's so awesome!
     Well have a great week, and give little Cam a big hug and kiss for his birthday from his aunt that's far, far away. Love you all so much.

Mahal ko kayo,
Sister Stromberg

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