Happy Valentine's Day!!
     Ahhh, I just received an e-mail from the office about my travel itinerary! Time is going by WAY too fast! This last week we had our zone conference, and always at the end they have the missionaries who are going home bear their testimonies. Well, guess whose name was on the program under the Going Home Missionaries . . . yep, Sister Stromberg. I couldn't believe it. After the conference Sister Stucki came up and also commented about how fast it has gone, and she was in shock that I was one of the Going Home Missionaries. Crazy!
     We had a great conference but actually got chastised quite a bit from President . . . in a loving way. This last January the work in the whole mission was the lowest it's been in years. So we were given a lot of new instruction on what we need to be focusing on and what we need to improve. So hopefully we can implement that as a mission this month and in the months to come.
     This week once again we were led by the Lord to those waiting for the gospel. Last week we were led to investigators, but this week we were led right to some of our less actives. The first instance we were just standing waiting for two of our ward missionaries to meet us, and a brother, Elvin, walked right up to us; said, "Sister!"; and shook our hands, "I'm a member." Then he went on to tell us he had moved here and was now working here and happened to live in our area and wanted to know where our church was and what time. Then he went on to tell us how his brother was an RM and how he used to go and work with the missionaries and such. He's 27 now. We talked for a minute, and then he had to run to get to work on time. Then Sunday, what do ya know? He came to church!:)
     Then that same night we went to try and contact a referral that the elders gave to us, and it was at a condo. The guard went upstairs to check if Maria was there at her condo, and while we were waiting, Sister Tuia and I were just talking in Tagalog when a lady rushed right past us. When she heard that we were talking in Tagalog, she whipped around and asked if there was someone there that we were visiting. Then we started talking to her and found out that she was a member as well. She took us up to her condo, and her 21 year old son was also there (future missionary!). She was really excited about us being there, and they are super nice. We shared with them, and then, sure enough, they too came to church yesterday! The neat thing about that story is earlier that day Sister Tuia and I were having our weekly planning session, and we talked about how we need to stop speaking English to each other and speak more Tagalog and what do ya know? Because we were speaking Tagalog, this lady realized we were missionaries, and it caught her attention so we could talk and share the gospel with her. So yeah that was such a neat day, and we felt so blessed that the Lord placed us in the right places that day to meet those who really needed the missionaries.
     Mom, to answer your question: as far as Valentine's Day goes, it was just like every other day, except everyone on the streets were sure to greet us as we walked by with a "Happy Valentine's Day!" Then we did have a great dinner with the Kiemel family. I don't know if I told you about them, but it's an American husband and Filipino wife. They have the CUTEST kids! And they made us homemade pizza and apple pie!:) So that was great to have a good ol' American dinner!

 Cristina, Mom & Dad's new Facebook friend, 
with the peace sign and the hand on her hip

     Hmmm . . . that's about all I have for you today. I was worried a little this last week. Cristina one day told me that she was looking at pictures from Mom's Facebook and saw the two twins. She then asked me who they were. I was so confused, and for a minute thought, “ . . . oh, man, they better not have pulled a "Jasen" on me. I know you know what that means:) haha I was a little worried Kip and Nicole had new baby twins for a minute, haha, but then I told her to look again and tell me their names. She told me they were Cameron and Aiden. To Filipinos all Americans look the same, at least that’s what they always say. So yeah I was worried for a minute, haha.
Aiden & Cameron were opening their presents from Grandma Pat 
 They looked so cute in their little hoodies
 . . . that everyone exclaimed, "Awwww!"
. . . and it scared Aiden.
     But yeah, everything's going great here. We have so much work to do and not enough time. That's been the story of my whole mission up to this point. It's a good thing they're sending more missionaries out because we sure can use more!!
     Well I love you all and hope you have a great week. Love you all so much!

Sister Stromberg

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