First Letter Home: 9.28.2011

     Not that I didn't know this already, but WOW! my Heavenly Father is so aware of me! After I left, one of the first things I did was go to get my picture taken, and who took it?!? . . . Sister Jaclaslavonian, the sweet senior missionary that worked at the TRC Friday afternoons when I would volunteer there. She just gave me the biggest hug and was so happy for me and so excited and totally cheered me up! And I know that's no coincidence she was there today. :) Then when I went to pick up my Tagalog packet, there was her husband, Brother J. It was just so neat because I told Mom I didn't think I'd get to see them, but they just welcomed me right away and made me feel at home! (Well, as "at home" as possible in the MTC.)
     My companion and I both agreed that it feels like we are back to freshman year, living in the dorms all over again. My companion's name is Sister Vickers, and she's from Michigan. But want to hear this connection? She just finished her third year at BYU majoring in photography. And we both had the same core art teachers (Ron Richmond & Allen Ludwig). So, yes, we're both art nerds. :)  Love it!!  She kind of reminds me of a mix between Amy Schwab and Amelia O'Neil. But then I've only known her for a few hours so we'll see!
First companionship picture EVER!
     This was supposed to be short, so I'll finish filling you in later. It's past my bedtime. I love you so much! Thanks for all the support in getting me here. I'm a tad overwhelmed with all this change, but I can tell I'll love it here! Oh, I saw Elder Wright (from Jacob Lake), Elder Nore (from Independent Study), Elder Gunnell (from MC), Elder Duffy (from BYU), Elder Kendrick (from MC), & Elder ? (Axle from TX--don't know his last name) all in one day!
Dawnielle's good friend, Elder Axel Boyer, & his comp
with me & my comp
Independent Study Reunion
with Elder Nore & Hermana Bosco!

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