The sisters & the elders

     Sorry about my email last week: no time + keyboard stuck in Dutch = a crazy email that probably didn't make a lot of sense.
Sister Stromberg, Sister Westover & Sister Vickers
     So to tell you about the sisters I live with: Sister Vickers is great. It's kind of fun because if I were to have met her at BYU, I'm sure we would have gotten along, but I don't think we would have been close friends. We're just different. But that's what's great because since we're companions, we've gotten close, and she makes me laugh! Sister Westover is from Arizona, close to Sedona. I was hoping that she would know Eve & James in Sedona, but no luck. She does know about Jacob Lake though and has been there. She played soccer for Mesa Community College. Then Sister Dennis is from Winnamucca, NV. Didn't we pass that on the way to Sparks? She's the one that played volleyball at a community college in Nevada. Then there's Sister Allen that I mentioned in my email. She is so sweet. Her companion, also in our room, is Sister Miara who came from Samoa and speaks very little English. Poor Sister Allen has just been so patient. Man, that would be hard for both of them. So yeah, that's my room!
Sister Vickers, me, Sister Westover & Sister Dennis
     This missionary, Sister Morton, is also awesome, and we have had some good conversations. She is in the other Tagalog zone, going to the Philippines, and played basketball in college so during gym one day we played, and I got to guard her. Some elders played, and it was way fun! Some sisters said they heard elders saying, "Wow, those sisters are good!" :) It was sooo fun! I also got Sister Dennis to come with me this week to play volleyball with all the Samoan elders who are way good. But we definitely held our own! I have Jacob Lake volleyball to thank for that. :) haha
Tumonavoa, Wilde, Stromberg, Vickers, Hatch, Robinson,
Anderson & Beckstrom
     The elders in my district . . . well there were eight, but now 6 :( because one went home to "take care" of some stuff, and his companion was transferred to a different district. Elder Anderson is from Tennessee, I think, but went to BYU where he was good friends with Elder Nore. Elder Robinson (not related to Jack) is from Wyoming; Elder Tumonavoa is from Samoa; Elder Wilde is from, I think, Pleasant Grove or somewhere; Elder Beckstrom is from somewhere north of Provo, I don't remember where; and Elder Escobedo is from Las Vegas. In another district, there's an Elder Andrus going to the Philippines (not related to Amy!), and he knows Andy Smith, Morgan & MaKenzie, Kylee Webb & Brenna from Dixie.
Some of the elders in my district . . . not all
     Oh, and I just got out of class, and yes, Brother Itri's mother is Jill Itri! Small world, Mom, you'll have to tell Jill if you still have a connection with her. Brother Itri asked me your name so maybe he'll say something to her. If you talk to her, you can tell her that her son is an awesome teacher! I really like having him teach us. He knows what he's doing (but then he's the only MTC teacher I've had so what do I know :) ). Except we did meet our second teacher last night, Brother Ahmu, who was also our investigator, "Michael Quinto." We've taught five lessons to now and committed to baptism, ALL IN TAGALOG! We're on a roll!
     But I need to start wrapping up. Oh, I told you that Chad Lewis came for my first devotional. It was so good! Also his wife, former BYU volleyball all-American, spoke. As Sister Vickers said, "Biggest pep talk of her life!" ha, that made me laugh. But he talked about his mission and sharing the gospel and just told really cool stories. You would have all loved it! One part that you'd appreciate: he was an ambassador for the NFL in China or something like that, and for the Superbowl they wanted him to translate. Well he told them he only knew gospel language in Chinese, not football language, but they wanted him to do it anyway. And then he went on to tell us he said, "I testify that Tom Brady throws true passes!" haha thought that was pretty funny!

Love you all so much,
Sister Stromberg

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