It's better to look up

     First thing´´s first: )this keyboard is in dutch and the symbols aren´´t working right, and I don´´t have time to figure out how to fix it, so sorry'
     You were right, I did sound a bit stressed and busy.  I was a little overwhelmed as of Saturday morning when I last wrote, but things have gotten better.  That night we had some free time for the first time, and so we got to just sit in our room and chat as roommates, and that was SO good! We got to really get to know each other more than just where are you from? what´´s your major? where did you go to college? And WOW I have amazing sisters that I live with. One in particular has just gone through SO much in her life, and she´´s just 21.  I am just amazed at her faith and that she has chosen to serve a mission. Her name is Sister Allen, and she actually shares a bunk with me. And what´´s kind of funny about her is apparently she and I talk to each other every night in our sleep±' haha. and I guess we´´re really entertaining to the other sisters in our room. One night we even were trying to speak Tagalog to each other! haha
     So then, General Conference was SO GOOD! And seriously just what I needed! The one that I just loved was by Carl B. Cook when he talked about being in the elevator when Pres. Monson told him, ``It´´s better to look up.`` I just loved that! Because he said he was feeling overwhelmed and inadequate with his new position, and well, I had been feeling overwhelmed with this new language, but it´´s so true that I just need to remember to ``look up``! My Heavenly Father would not have called me to serve in the Philippines if I was not capable of learning this language! So I know I just need to work hard and do the best I can, and I will be helped the rest of the way! There were a lot of other talks also that I just loved!
     OOoo but this was way cool. I´´m sure that the brothers all did this, but they did this special rendition of ``Called to Serve`` where all the missionaries sang it. They put up a picture of the strippling warriors and tell you to imagine that all of us are the army of God, and we are coming up over a mountain. The first verse we sang quietly; then the next louder because we got closer to climbing the mountain; and the last one we stood up and sang the loudest. Let me just tell you the spirit FLOODED the room! It even made me tear up, and once again I was caught crying, singing ``Called to Serve`` in the MTC! haha What a surprise, right? But man it was POWERFUL, just being surrounded by missionaries representing Our Savior.
     Also I´´m in the MTC choir, and we sang Tuesday night at devotional. Ooo Sunday Chad Lewis came and spoke, and it was AWESOME! I´´ll write about that later I guess because time is up±) Man bummer! This goes by way too fast.  I love you all so much and am so grateful for all of your support! Gotta get off±)

Mahal kita,
Sister Stromberg

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