He's definitely stretching me!

Hello Family!
     It was so good talking to you earlier this morning. You all sound great and just moving right ahead with life. I don't have a lot more to say than I did this morning. Our zone activity was a lot of fun. I'll attach some pictures. We just went to a beach and played some games and chatted and had a really good lunch, fish over the fire with rice and some fried chicken as well. Then we headed back.
     And we came straight here to the computer shop to find out... Sister Afu is being transferred on Wednesday. And to tell you the truth I'm so BUMMED!!! I don't like transfer days at all! They're the worst. This transfer was so fast, and Sister Afu and I have had so much fun together. Plus I'm actually really nervous because I don't feel like I know my area yet. It's huge, and we didn't even go to all of the places here in my area so I know it will be rough at times finding my way around without Sister Afu. So please keep me in your prayers that I can find my way around this area with my new companion. I know with the Lord's help I will be able to, but He's definitely stretching me by transferring Sister Afu after only one transfer. Yeah that's the only thing that's really on my mind right now is how sad I am that Sister Afu is going back to the mainland. And we've been working so hard with our investigators that are getting close to baptismal dates, and it's a bummer for her that she doesn't get to see them keep progressing. But once again we know God has a bigger and better plan for all of us then we know, and there's a reason that Sister Afu is being transferred.
     Other than that I pretty much told you everything on the phone. Sorry if this e-mail is lacking, but my mind is kind of everywhere right now. That's kind of how I was last transfer day as well. But I love you so much. I hope you had a good Mother's Day, Mom, Betsy, Bethany and Grandmas. Especially you, Mom!:) Thanks for all that you've done for me and for all the support that you give to me all the time. I'm so lucky to have you as a mom and feel the support and love that you have for me. You all take care, and I'll write you more next week, I'm sure about a new companion and all that jazz. Love you all so much.

Mahal ko kayo,
Sister Stromberg

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