No murmuring words escaped His tongue

Happy Memorial Day!
     So it's been quite the week. I'm a day late in e-mailing because we had Zone Conference yesterday. Last week they had a special Zone Conference where Elder Russel M. Nielsen actually came and talked to our mission... but that was only for the missionaries on the mainland. Unfortunately missionaries on Palawan weren't included in that :( But that's life I guess.

     This last week was a very long week and a very rough week. I'm just going to get that out there now. Missionary work isn't all fun and games all the time. So first we found out that our investigators Rejina and Felix who are super ready for baptism but were just trying to get them married, well they moved. They moved last Saturday and didn't tell us or anyone else. Their landlady came to our church on Sunday looking for Rejina and told us they left the day before and haven't paid their rent or anything and took all their things with them. I called her, and it was really had to hear on the phone where she was, and I told her to text us her address, but unfortunately we haven't received anything. Then when I called again the phone was not in use. So that's kind of all up in the air right now, and we have no idea what happened.
     Then we found out yesterday that Sharly and Normalyn (his sister) moved as well this last week to Bayan out of our area and our branch. And that was even more of a bummer to me because they've been one of my favorite investigators to teach. He actually reminded me of Kip sometimes. I've just felt the spirit so strong in their lessons and got some really neat impressions about them, and I know they will be baptized. I was way sad when I received his text that they had moved.
     Then there have just been a couple of other things on my mind that had been bothering me, so it was a tough week. But this isn't all a sad story. It actually has a good side of it as well. So as I was sitting in sacrament meeting, I was thinking about some things that have been bothering me and were on my mind, and then we started singing the sacrament hymn, "Behold the Great Redeemer Died" and the line stuck out to me so much... "Although in agony he hung, no murmuring word escaped his tongue. His high commission to fulfill, He magnified his Father's will." And I was totally set back and in a way chastised for my attitude, and it really hit me how I needed to change my attitude and how I need to be like my Savior and let "no murmuring word escape my tongue." That's one thing that I love is just how much we can learn if we'll just turn to our Saviors example. I'm so blessed to wear his name everyday and be his representative, and I don't want to misrepresent him. Like the song, I have 'a high commission to fulfill' as a servant of the Lord, Jesus Christ. So although I will miss my investigators that I love so much, I know that it's part of God's plan, and they will all four enter the water of baptism. Missionary work can be rough, but how else would we be able to understand what the Savior went through for all of us? So that's kind of a jist of my week.
      Then we did have a really good Zone Conference yesterday. I was the pianist, and I got the opportunity to bear my testimony which is always so good. Also I received a package from Jacki yesterday which was awesome! It was just what I needed:) I love that girl!
Today we had a Zone Activity again
because everyone was up here for Zone Conference
so we went to the crocodile farm.
 It was a lot of fun.

Me, Oscar, and Sister Stonick
(Oh, wait; Oscar was in Arkansas and was much smaller!)
I also ate crocodile for lunch which was actually really tasty!
     Oh and I finally got to use my art skills here in the mission somehow :) We met a lady this last week and ended up talking to her, trying to teach her, but she said she was really busy with a project. So we asked if she needed help (CSP), and she said she really did. It was drawing posters for her little daycare class. So that was about the funnest CSP I could do. So yeah that's about all I have for this week.
     Thanks so much for the pictures. It was so good seeing the babies and everything. SO CUTE! Bets, thanks for the object lessons; I haven't read them all yet, but I bet they'll be great!:) We're always looking for something a little fun for FHE's and such. Ry, good luck with the start of school. School here is starting up for everyone this next week, I think, and raining season is right around the corner! I think four days this last week it just rained and rained. So we'll see how that goes.
     My new AP knows Natalie and their friend Spencer really well. Thanks for the updates from you all. Hope life is going well for each of your families. Don't think this e-mail was a downer e-mail; it was a rough week, but it's just part of Heavenly Father's plan for me to be stronger. So I'm grateful for it. We'll just work harder to get some new investigators. Oh and Mom's questions... Sister Afu got transfered to Sister Stonick's last area Naic, Cavite which everyone says is so pretty and an awesome area. Sister Stonick is really good with Tagalog. She's trained twice here in the mission. So yeah I hope that's all. I love you all so much and am so grateful for your support. Take care always!

Mahal Ko Kayo!
Sister Stromberg

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