Really hard saying goodbye

     Man, what a week! First off, Mom, Parawan is actually in Utah... I'm in Palawan:) haha That made me laugh. But anywho yes transfer day did happen. I have my first American companion. Her name is Sister Stonick, and she's kind of from Utah and kind of from Michigan. She doesn't really like to claim Utah for some reason, but her family lives in Sandy right now. She's the same batch as Sister Afu and Sister Culango and actually knew Elder Knight in the MTC. I'm sure that I will learn a lot from her, just like I have my other companions.
     It was really hard saying goodbye to Sister Afu just like it has been all of my transfers. Sister Dyer also left to go back to the mainland, so I have a new house mate too, Sister Cuenca. So yeah it's fun to get to know some new missionaries.
     I can gladly say with the help of the Holy Ghost we didn't get lost this last week!!!:) We might have taken some longer ways to get to a place than usual, but that's just fine. As far as our investigators, right now... we sadly will not have any this Saturday which was our original baptismal dates that we set. But that's okay because that just wasn't Heavenly Father's plan for our investigators. The one that's most promising is Milene Pienar. She's one of the three sisters that her husband is the member. She really wants to get baptized and was bummed yesterday that she's not quite ready. We just want her to have a stronger testimony and understanding first, and also we explained to her that we think it would be better for their family for her husband Rico to return to church and become active first so he himself can baptize her. Then they will all stay active. We expressed that that's what we felt would be best for their family, but we are leaving it up to her if she wants to wait for her husband or not. We committed her to really pray and ponder about the right timing for her and her baptism, and we will find out this week what we'll do with her. Ailyn, her sister, just needs to get married but yesterday said her boyfriend doesn't want to get married, which is a bummer because she totally has a desire, so we'll just have to see what happens there with them. Then Maryjane, the other sister, just doesn't feel ready herself, even though she totally is. So that's the situation with them. They've now gone to church for six weeks in a row. So yeah that's awesome.
     Then Sharly and Normalyn were supposed to get baptized this week, but they themselves just don't feel ready yet and haven't really talked to their parents about it and are scared to. Then our others Felix and Rejina that had the birth certificate problem, well at church their landlady stopped by and talked to me and told me they left the day before took all their stuff and didn't tell anyone, and they still owe her rent. So yeah that's a big problem, and we don't know what happened. So those are our most progressing investigators. It's okay though because we've had some really good lessons with them this past week, and I know everything will work out like it's supposed to for them. So we'll just press forward of course.
     We got to do a really fun CSP this last week. We got to harvest a bunch of... eggplants. I don't know if I ever even ate eggplants before my mission, but they do a lot here, and they're really good. We went with Janeth who is my favorite. She actually requested Mom and Dad on Facebook she said, so you should accept her. You might even see some pictures of me, or she'll talk to you, Janeth Montilla. The whole Montilla family is my favorite. We ate at their house last night. But then the garden was this neighbor of a member that were investigators before. But they're in the Elders’ area so yeah it was just fun going with some members in our branch and helping out. I'll include pictures.
     Oh we had a really neat experience with Milene, Ailyn, and Maryjane, Sister Afu's last day, where we had an awesome lesson about the spirit and helping them recognize answers, and man I couldn't help but tear up because the spirit was so strong. At the end we were all in tears. But I think that was more just because we were all going to miss Sister Afu, and Sister Afu was going to miss them. But it was a really neat lesson. I just love them all and their husbands and all their cute kids and want them to all be active in the church really bad. I know in time it will happen.
     So yeah I think I'm done rambling now. I hope Ry and Bets and Cam are doing well in Tennessee. That sounds like a lot of fun. I guess I'll just have to come out and visit y'all when I get home:) hehe. send pics! I'm glad you made it safe, and Mom and Dad got back safe as well. Well I love it here, and no matter who my companion is or where my area, the work is the same, and the people here
are amazing. I love my branch here and feel so lucky to be a part of their branch and feel their love for me. Oh I also got that card from the FoxridgeRelief Society. Tell them all thanks for the support and love:) Well, have a good week. Love you all!

Mahal ko kayo,
Sister Stromberg

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