Find joy in the little simple things

Happy Father's Day!!
     Dad, I kind of forgot so you're just going to have to get this a day late. But I hope you had a good day! I was definitely thinking of you yesterday and how it was too bad that I didn't get to call and talk to you like I did on Mother's Day. So even though I'm far away, just remember I was thinking about you, and I love you, Dad! :)
     Then you have to tell Hannah Banana, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” I can't believe that girl is three years old! Man, she's getting big so fast! Tell her that I love her please! And, J, I'm holding you to what you said and want to see pictures next week and hear how the party was. I'm sure Bethany had it all decked out cute with a cute cake and all.
     So I told you about the huge festival that was going on in Palawan last week, and last Tuesday they gave the night to the church and had an LDS night. So that was a lot of fun. We didn't get to see it all because we had worked, and then we had curfew. But the part we were there for was a lot of fun. Filipinos love to dance! It's great. They just find joy in the little simple things that don't cost money . . . because they don't have money. So the youth love all getting together and learning dances so that's mostly what the program was made up of. And they are all way good, and you can tell they're just having a blast. The finale was actually one girl in our branch doing a fire dance. We didn't get to watch it because it was after our curfew, but Janeth videod it and showed us:) It was sweet!
     Then this weekend President Stucki and Sister were here again for a training on Saturday and then a District conference on Sunday. We were asked to translate at the training if the leaders didn't understand, but really we pretty much just sat there because they understand a lot of English. Then the conference on Sunday was really neat. They broadcasted it to all of the Philippines. I'm not really sure where the speakers actually were, but it was Sister Ann Dibbs, one of the members of the Presiding Bishopric, and then Elder L. Tom Perry. It was neat because Elder Perry and Sister Dibbs had been to the Philippines sometime this last year, and so they included parts in their talks that they knew about the Philippines. They are really focusing on the youth right now getting them to serve missions. There is a large number of mission-aged men in the Philippines, but only 2% of them are on missions. Sister Stucki also mentioned that this next transfer we have a lot of missionaries leaving our mission, and there aren't very many at all coming in and how we're losing a lot. So that's really sad to hear because that means they'll have to close down areas in which missionaries have been working so hard. So that's a big focus right now. Then they also talked a lot about families figuring out a way to get to the temple. So yeah it was a good conference. 
     Then other than that we've just been working, working, working. We went on splits yesterday because we had a lot of appointments in all of our areas, and that was fun. I had three members come with me, and we had a good time. It was awesome because I wanted to go into this new area to find some new less actives, and then Jade who was with me actually was really good friends with one of the less active members there, and so it turned out to be a really neat lesson. She got really emotional telling him how much she missed him at church and how she knew Heavenly Father missed seeing him at church even more. It was neat. We'll have to see how we can help him come back.

       So yeah that's about all I have for last week. Later today we are meeting up with our investigators, Maryjane and Ailyn, and going to the beach to find shells and cook them for dinner and then have an FHE there! They have on their calendar the days where the water’s the best for getting shells, and they told us later around 4 there will be a ton of shells. So that's kind of exciting! With Maryjane, her husband came to church for the second time in a row yesterday so they're continuing to progress! That's really exciting:) So we'll just have to keep teaching and help him gain a testimony, and they'll be ready for their baptism in July!

     Well I hope you all had a good week and enjoyed the birthday/Father's Day party in Payson! Happy Father's day to Ry guy for the first time:) That's kind of weird... and exciting:) haha. Oh and I need Ry and Bet's address ASAP! I wanted to send a card for Bet's birthday yesterday while the AP's were here, but I didn't have an address. So it might just get there way after your birthday... sorry:) What can ya do!
     Oh and a couple questions... Mom, the Standard of Excellence is in Preach My Gospel, and it's just the number of member present lessons, RCLA lessons, new investigators, etc., etc. you need to strive to get each week. It's different for every mission. As far as bread, yeah it was in a bakery that they made it. The people that have ovens are those who own a bakery or sell bread in little stands. But it's very rare! But their bread that's kind of like rolls here is SO good! The weather right now is supposedly raining season, but this past week it hasn't really rained at all. So I'm kind of confused . . . who knows? It's just really hot like always. Usually even when it's raining, it's still hot, and I'm still sweating. How does that work? Then Dad, we have bunk beds in our apartment. Oh and Kipper, . . . that name didn't really sound familiar. Maybe I'd just have to see his face, and I'd know who he was. I think that's all. All of you have a great week! I love you and appreciate you all so much. Ingat palagi!

Mahal na mahal ko kayo lahat,
Sister Stromberg

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