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Magandang Hapon Fam!
     So yes, Dad, you're right; another transfer down.  We haven't heard anything yet today which pretty much means that I'm not transferring.  They would have told me if I needed to start packing or what not.  So
yes, I'm really glad because I'm definitely not ready to leave my great branch yet.  I'm thinking maybe one more transfer here. 
     This week wasn't that eventful actually.  Just the same old work, work, work. Elder Halterman in our Branch is getting transferred so we had dinner at the Montilla's house last night and celebrated his birthday even though it's not until july.  Yes Janeth relayed the message that she was chatting with you, Mom.  I was jealous of her of course.  We also did splits yesterday, and it was a really good day.  I had this cute older sister, Nanay Benetez work with me, and she's so sweet. 
     We went to one of our investigators Brother and Sister Bombase, and it was such a good lesson.  Sister came to church yesterday for the first time, and she really liked it.  Then after I taught half of the Plan of Salvation, we got to extend a baptismal date to them. Her only concern was... oh no what if I don't have a budget for a baptism? haha She thought she needed to buy a lot of food and have a party because that's what they do here in the Catholic church.  It was pretty funny.  Then she was just so sweet and expressed how grateful she was for us.  Another concern was she kept asking if we would still come back to her after she got baptized.  They also installed a ceiling fan in their house and said it was just for us when we come to visit.  haha It was so cute.  They're just this older 60+ couple that are so sweet.  I'm excited to see them progress. 
     Then we had a little let down this last week with Maryjane and her husband, Nic.  We went to teach them (their goal date is July 14), and Brother had been drinking that night:(  Man I got the worse feeling when I saw that.  He told us it was just a little shot, and he still wanted us to teach him, but we can't if they've been drinking.  But we ended up just discussing that this is Satan trying to get to him before his baptism, and he was actually really sad and very sincerely told us he was really sorry.  So it was sad, but at the same time maybe a good turning point for him.  Then they were at church on Sunday, and Brother looked so happy to be there.  So yeah they're coming.  We have a good investigator pool right now and continue to find new ones.  It just is a very slow progressing process for all of them towards baptism.  But they're progressing, and that's what's important. 
     So yeah that's about all I have for today.  This weekend they have this service day where the whole town participates and plants trees and different things so I'm excited for that.  They say it's off in a mountain, and then at night they have a bunch of pop stars come and sing at a concert.  Of course we will just help for a couple hours in the morning with service and miss all the activities.  But it will be fun, none the less. 
     To answer Mom's questions on the language:  Filipinos all study English in school.  All their classes are in English, and they can't speak Tagalog.  So they all know English if they go to high school.  But no one likes speaking English.  Some people actually won't talk to me because they're afraid they'll have to speak English, and then when I speak Tagalog, they get this huge look of relief and surprise.  Then they happily talk to me in Tagalog.  So as far as lessons it's all in Tagalog.  And I don't have problems with the language.  Sometimes there are some vocabulary words I'm not familiar with, but I can just ask, and then they explain it so no problem. 
     Bets, thanks for the experience you shared with me.  That's really neat.  That's one thing we've done this transfer is give out more Book of Mormons than I probably have any other transfer, and it's awesome.  We went through a whole box so fast because we've really been focusing on the Book of Mormon.  It's great! 
     So yeah Jasen and Bethany have fun with your anniversary, and, Kip and Nicole, I can't believe it's been a year!  All of you have fun!  Take care, and I look forward to hearing from you all next week.  Have a good one:)  Love you all a lot.
Mahal ko kayo!!
Sister Stromberg

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