Ah, Word of Wisdom

     So it's been quite the week! I got electrocuted this week... haha I don't know why that's the first thing that came to my mind, but yeah it happened at a CSP. We went to a less-active home where the dad only has one arm and one leg, so his little girl, Michelle, does the laundry. That's the reason they said it's hard to get to church. So we went and helped her out (even though they still didn't come to church on Sunday). But anyway, my foot was wet, and I was walking across their floor. There was a cord that had broken open in this little spot, and I just happened to step on it. WEIRDEST feeling ever! It was for a couple seconds, but yeah, there was just an electrical current that shook through my whole body for a couple seconds. WEIRD! But I'm okay don't worry.

     For the 4th of July we actually did another CSP at a less-active member’s home who I've gotten really close with, Renie Rose. She's super, super poor. They have no power, and live in this little bamboo hut. She's pregnant, and she makes this "Bukio" everyday to earn money. She gets coconuts and grates it and then cooks it over a fire for a good three hours with water and sugar, and it like crystallizes and is really yummy. But it's a lot of work scraping/grating the coconut so that was our service project to help her. That was our celebration for the 4th, I guess.
     We also had a branch FHE this last Friday where we gave out a Book of Mormon to everyone and challenged them to give it out and then the next FHE share experiences what happened when they gave it out. I also shared my story with all of them about giving out a Book of Mormon at Jacob Lake. Then we also performed a talent later in the FHE. I played the guitar, and Sister Stonick and I sang. It was a lot of fun.
     Then with our investigators we had quite the week with the Peanar family! Wednesday we went to visit Maryjane and Nic, and our plan was to kind of finalize baptismal plans with them when we found out that Maryjane still hadn't given up coffee all the way and Nic still had a problem with smoking. Man, to be honest, I was SO bummed! My heart just sunk when they told us that because I was so sure they'd be getting baptized on July 14. Well, we had a really good lesson and committed them again to follow the Word of Wisdom. We reset their date for August 4 (which might be my last weekend here in Palawan). We told them that they have to stop now to make this happen. When we came back on Saturday to them, Maryjane told us that she completely stopped drinking coffee and has spent the past two days throwing up and throwing up and just lying down with a headache and stomach ache and all. MAN, what a SACRIFICE!! It was so awesome to see her faith and her desire! Although she had been really sick, you could tell she was also really happy to be sacrificing for the Lord. She also is seeing why God gave us that commandment because of how addicted she was to coffee and how bad it is for her. She said that she knew if she would just drink a little, she would feel so much better, but she resisted. She also told us that her neighbors asked her if she was pregnant:) haha. Then Nic said that he has now halved the number of cigarettes he is using and hopefully will get there soon. So yeah progression there for sure!
     And they are more than active in our branch. I think Maryjane has gone every week for three months now. Yesterday our Branch Mission Leader was welcoming the investigators by name, and he forgot Maryjane. I mentioned that to him, and he said, “Well she's just always here. She's a regular now.” haha That made me laugh.
     Then we went to Rico Peanar (brother of Nic) who’s a less-active member on Friday and got to share with him. He's always sleeping when we go there because he's a tricycle driver and works through the night. We were given the opportunity to teach him and only him because Milene was sick, and I know this wasn't an accident. He totally opened up to us and told us an experience he had when his mom died and an unanswered prayer and different things. We had such a good lesson, and he flat out told us, “Sisters I will make sure I'm at church this week.” SO good! So yes I just feel such a connection with this whole Peanar family and feel the spirit so strong when we teach them. I also just feel so strong that now is the time for all of them, and good things are on their way for this wonderful family! If anything pray for this family! I would love to be here to see them be baptized, but even if I'm not, I know it will happen at the right time, and many blessing will come their way.
     Then the other investigators... well they’re coming. The golden family Ry asked about, they weren't at their house this week so we'll just see:) We have been getting lots of referrals lately which is so awesome, and so we've also gotten a lot of new investigators. I don't know if I've said this before, but the people here in Palawan are SO receptive to our message! Everyone is so nice, and everyone wants to listen! It's so easy to find new investigators that want to hear our message. People talk about doors getting slammed on them and people not wanting anything to do with missionaries, and I haven't experienced that here in Palawan at all. I had it a little in Carmona, but here it's just amazing. They need to get more missionaries here!
     Ah, so yeah, I think that's about all for today.  Oh and, yes, my flip-flop did break at Cagueban. It was very, very muddy, and my slippers kept getting stuck, and then it just broke. So I hiked with one shoe.
     Have a good week all of you! Thanks for all that you do for me. I love you all so much:) This work is amazing! I love seeing people change, and I love seeing our branch change and grow little by little. What a privilege it is to help out such amazing, humble people. Take care! Ingat palagi!

Mahal ko kayo lahat,
Sister Stromberg

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