A Blonde Filipina Missionary Who Loves You

Hello Family!
     So I'll just start off my letter saying my branch is so great! Ever since we had that area broadcast back in January for the whole Philippines to focus on rescuing the less active members, that changed missionary work here in the Philippines. And one of the goals they came out with is every member needs to "rescue the one," meaning find one member who has gone less active and take them as your responsibility and help them return to activity. Well just recently our Visiting Teacher supervisor made a "rescue team" list of RS sisters and then made a list of members that needed to be rescued. Then yesterday we started the rescuing and rounded together eight sisters, which for the first time is a good size number, and sent out the troops. Haha, they're so great. Then because we had this going on after church, everyone brought food, and we just all gathered around in one of the rooms and ate. It was just so fun, to be honest probably my favorite part of this week. Just after church having a chance to chat with all the members and eat and joke and laugh together. Last night as I was thinking about that, I realized how hard it will be to leave this branch. Like usual though, right? . . . that's missionary work.
     Then last night we got to go eat at our district president's house, Pres. Masquera, and, man, it was so delicious! He had all kinds of fish, shrimp, seaweed, pineapple, bananas, and lots more.  I don't know if I have anything else out of the ordinary that happened this last week.
     Monday for P-day Sister Peterson took us to this native weaving place here on Palawan where they weave all kinds of placemats, table runners, bags, all kinds of things. Then we got to weave as well while we were there.
     Earlier today we had our zone activity (We have one each transfer.), and we went out to Sabang. It's two hours away and is actually our area believe it or not. But today was probably the first and last time going there even if it is in our area because it's too far away. But it is SO beautiful there! That's where the underground river is, but we're not allowed to go to the underground river, so we just went to the beach close to it. We just took pictures, played games, shared FHE ideas with each other, ate at a buffet, and then headed back.
     Oh and probably the saddest part about how beautiful it was is... my camera broke yesterday  :( so no pictures, but I'll get some from my companion. So yeah I'll either have to take my camera in to see if they can fix it or buy a new one:(  I might need you to put some money in my account. Yeah I dropped it in the church on accident, and I think that's what messed it up. Shame, shame, shame!
     As far as investigators... I feel like we're kind of at a lull right now. Yesterday was my first time here in Palawan where we had... 0 investigators at church. So that was sad, but it was also raining, and as I've told you before, if there's rain on Sunday, people don't want to leave their house. Even members will sometimes stay home because of the rain. Our attendance all together was really low yesterday at church. But that's okay; this week we'll work even harder, and things will start to go back up again.
     Hmmm, I really can't think of anything else that happened this week. I did get a lot of letters this week because it was Zone Leaders Conference on the mainland so when the ZL's came back, we got mail. And you need to thank Misti Smith for me. I don't know if I've mentioned it, but she writes me notes regularly! She's almost up there with Uncle Randy! I probably receive mail from both of them every time we get mail here in Palawan, but I usually get 2 or 3 at one time from Uncle Randy:) haha.
     Take care and know that there's a blonde filipina missionary across the world who loves you all and prays for you daily! Thanks for all the support! Have a good week:)

Mahal ko po kayo lahat!

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