Magandang Umaga y'all!:)

     Sister De Leon and I had another awesome week here in Mandaluyong. The Lord is blessing us so much. A few of you commented about our great ward missionaries, and yesterday you wouldn't believe we had 14, yes 14, ward missionaries work with us. It was crazy! There were so many of us we had no choice but to split. And as the day sped by quickly ,they were all saying that they want to do that every Sunday. Sister De Leon said we look like a Mormon battalion:) haha. Then we have one of our recent converts, Allan, who is always working with us, and he challenged me to a basketball game this morning... and I'm so out of shape for basketball! But it was a lot of fun, of course! They're all great!
     Then as I told you we've been struggling for progressing investigators but have been working really hard and praying and fasting, and yesterday day at church we had SEVEN investigators show up!:) We were so excited! And we had a bunch of less actives show up as well. I'm just seeing more and more how the Lord is blessing us and leading us to those who are ready.
     We had a neat/sad lesson last Saturday that really touched me. We were teaching one of our recent converts, Jayson, who is 17, and even though he is still young, he really understands the gospel and wants to serve a mission. Well we always teach him at the bishop’s house so we were waiting for him there, and when he walked in the door, he wasn't really himself. Sister De Leon asked him why he was sad, and at first he didn't really answer. Then after we prayed, she asked again, and then he opened up. He told us that he had just finished his working contract and was without a job; his mom (adopted) had just found out that she has cancer; her husband left her the night before; and now he was expected to help his mom and support her financially and emotionally. He doesn't really have his own home. He just kind of lives with friends and now with his mom. Well he was really stressed and sad, you could tell. At first I wasn't really sure what he needed, but of course the spirit helped us. We shared with him about fasting. He had learned about it before but had never actually attempted to fast. We had a good lesson, and you could see that was exactly what he needed to hear. He was excited about the chance to fast. It's hard to explain, but it was just a neat moment where I was thinking to myself, "There's no happiness that can compare to the feeling where you see someone in need, in distress and who doesn't know quite what to do, then I was given the privilege, being an instrument in the Lord's hand, to share what the Lord would have Jayson know at this time in his life and see that burden lifted and see him relieved with what the Lord shared with him." One of the best feelings ever! That's one of the reason's I absolutely love being a missionary. President Monson says it better on the back of his "On the Lord's Errand" DVD, but I forget what he said. So yeah I'm curious to meet with him again and find out how his fasting went. I just feel so bad for him and his situation right now. I can't even imagine that.
     So yeah, work is going really well right now. We will have a baptism the last week in January, and then we're working with a bunch of investigators right now. I'm pulling a blank today with what to write so sorry if this is short.
     New Years was crazy just like last year! There were SOOOO many fireworks, and it was SOO noisy! There was no way we could even sleep! Filipinos really know how to celebrate the New Year! And they don't wait until 12:00; they start playing loud music at dusk, and then there are fireworks at like 9 until early in the morning! It's crazy! It definitely went through my mind that I will really miss all the fireworks and fuss here next year. Then on New Year’s Day we had lunch with Bishop and his family and then with two other families.
     I started goals, but I'm not yet finished. It's hard because I don't know whether to set goals for here in the mission or when I get back... so I'm setting two sets of goals:) haha. SO yeah I think that's about all I have for today. Okay well, hope you all have a great week! Love you all so much! Ingat!

Mahal ko kayo,
Sister Stromberg

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