. . . neat to see His hand in the work

     What a week it has been for me. So I couldn't tell you the exciting news because President didn't want my companion to find out and who knows if she would see it on my screen. But the exciting news.... I have been called to be a trainer my last two transfers!!:) President actually told me last December but said he wanted me to transfer to my new area first and get to know the ward and area and such, and then I would be training! So yeah we had a training last Thursday at the mission office, and this coming Thursday I will meet my new missionary. I'm super excited!! It will be fun because I started my mission doing the 12 week training program with Sister Culango, and I will be ending my mission doing the 12 week program with my companion. I'm also excited for her because our ward is really getting involved, and a lot more ward missionaries are working with us. Our ward mission leader is putting together an actual ward mission plan, and it's great! She'll have a great ward to start her mission. I got even more excited after working with our new missionary last Wednesday that came out of the MTC for a day. Her name was Sister Rantayo, and she was awesome and was just so excited to work with us, even if it was just for two hours. Mom, you're right the MTC is in Quezon; it's right across the street from the Temple. It's about 30 minutes from our area. But we met at the mission office and then taxi'd to our areas, worked for a couple hours, and then met back up in Buendia, and had a short evaluation. It was a fun experience. So yeah that's the news I was talking about.
     This last week went by really fast. We were supposed to have Christian's baptism this Saturday, but we had to move it back a week. He started a new job and is always working so we haven't quite finished all the lessons we need to teach him. So this Saturday he will be coming with us to the temple tour in the morning and then after will be having his interview for his baptism, and February 2 will be his baptism. He's awesome. If he has a day off, he'll always come and work with us during the day. Definitely future missionary material:) He's actually REALLY quiet, and when he talks, it's almost like a whisper and a little shy. But for the first time we got him to really share with us when we taught him, and he's more coming out of his shell now. It's great to see the difference the gospel can have in all aspects of our lives:)
     So the past two days I've come down with strep (I think). I wasn't able to work yesterday, and when I texted with Sister Stucki, she asked the doctor about it. He thinks it's strep and gave me the name of the medicine I should buy. So this morning we got that, and I started taking it today. I've really been praying hard and rested yesterday because I don't want to be sick when transfer day rolls around on Thursday. SO please pray for me. I'm tired of getting sick here!
     Oh and one more thing that I need your help with. Sister Culango e-mailed me this morning, and her younger brother got kidnapped by a group called NPA. Apparently they are some nasty group that is against the government. I don't really understand it all. But in Davao they said there are a lot of terrorists and groups like that. So his name is Jezreel Culango, and please keep him in your prayers. Scary stuff!
     Uum... oh, we did have a neat experience again this week with one less active. We were walking down a street, and a girl comes up and asks us if she can have a Book of Mormon. Of course we were caught off guard, and Sister De Leon asks, "What are you?" haha because she was so surprised, and that's the first thing that came out of her mouth. Then she told us that she's a member and moved here two years ago but didn't know where the church was and didn't bring a Book of Mormon with her and so on and so forth... So on Friday we found her house and shared with her, and her husband isn't a member but wants us to teach him. She came to church yesterday! Yaay!!! We haven't met her husband yet, but I'm really excited about them. She also really wants to go to the temple this weekend, and so hopefully her husband won't have work and can also come. The Lord has blessed us so much this transfer by putting the right people in our path. It's so neat to see His hand here in the work. I love being a missionary!:)
     Yeah, that was my week. I hope you all had a great week. I love you all so much! This last transfer flew by, and I've really enjoyed being companions with Sister De Leon and will miss her a lot. But I'm also excited for her to go to her second area:) She's great! SO that's about all for now. Take care always!

Mahal ko kau!,
Sister Stromberg

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